Typical Exhibits and Features of Motorcycle Shows

Motorcycle shows are the ideal way for manufacturers to meet prospective customers. Such events also provide loads of entertainment, food, and drink for the entire family.

What’s more, they provide a chance to score great deals on bikes and related accessories.

Every motorcycle show promises a jam-packed schedule with events for all ages. So be sure to mark the date each year so you don’t miss your favourite bike show.

Here are a few things to expect at every motorcycle show.

New Bike Exhibitions

Manufacturers take motorcycle shows more seriously than you might think. Such events provide them with the opportunity to meet their customers and push new models and accessories.

They also give them an opportunity to display concept bikes and receive valid feedback.

Custom Bike Exhibitions

Local mechanics, builders, riding clubs, and other bike lovers usually turn up for such events.

So if you would prefer something older instead of a new bike, you can check out stands devoted to vintage models. You can even order a custom job if you have the budget for it.

Whatever you do, be sure to buy some of their merchandise to help keep the local bike culture alive.


You’ll need to improve on some finer points if you want to become a confident rider. Motorcycle shows usually feature how-to demos led by the best riders and stuntmen in the world.

These demos also allow you to network with experts as well as other amateur riders.


Event organizers and manufactures also use such events for publicity. Just buying an entry ticket could be enough to enter you into a raffle for various prizes that may even include brand-new motorcycles.

You can also get amazing deals on accessories, parts, or other related products.

Keynote Speeches and Seminars

This may sound a little boring, but we’re talking about motorcycles, which are always exciting. Attending keynote speeches can help you get first-hand information about bike-related products and services.