A Motorcyclist’s Guide to Surviving Coronavirus

The current global pandemic has touched every facet of life. People are hoarding toilet paper and hand sanitizer. The government has issued strict advisories on social distancing.

It’s all a mess, which makes most motorcyclists wonder how they can enjoy their passion.

The situation is especially tough, since the riding season is finally here. You may be itching to take your bike out for a spin, but would rather not take such a risk.

Here are a few ideas to keep you in a biking mood while you’re stuck at home.

Get Your Bike Ready for Summer

It’s good to be optimistic, but there’s no telling how long this pandemic will have us under lockdown. Therefore, you can skip spring and get your bike ready for the summer season.

Running some maintenance on your motorcycle will ensure that it’s fit to ride in the summer. Keep your fingers crossed.

Start a Bike Project

So you’ve already run maintenance on your bike. What now? Well, you can loan out your mechanical skills to others.

This can be a fun (and potentially lucrative) way to occupy your time indoors. You can even get hold of a rundown bike and bring it back to life.

Watch Old Races

MotoGP races have been cancelled, but don’t worry – you can pass the time watching old races.

The blessed people at MotoGP are currently offering some of their past races free of charge. And you don’t even need a subscription to watch.

Stream Your Favourite Motorcycle Movies

You may find it hard to go out to rent DVDs or order them online. But we live in the information age, and therefore have plenty of streaming services at our fingertips.

You can also watch bike-related documentaries and reality shows, like the OC Choppers. Feel free to mix it up and make the best of your time under lockdown.